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The SGMW 500G is a traditional offset smoker. This  pit is Perfect for competitions, pop ups or restaurant use!  Over the years we have worked with different pit master's to bring you the best pit on the market!! This is the last pit that you will ever need to buy (unless you need an upgrade). The SGMW pits are built to last! Our pits are all 1/4" thick but can be upgraded to 3/8". If you are interested in one of our pits, feel free to email us at

All smokers come standard with:

• 36"×96"×1/4" cook chamber same amount of cooking space as a 500 propane tank
• 30"×40"×1/4 firebox (non-insulated)
• 72"×8" stack with damper
• Double axle  Trailer or 4 swiveling casters
• Upper and Lower racks with removable heat shield
• 1 1/2  Stainless steel drain
• 3 Midwest thermometer
• Wood shelf on bottom of smoker
• 3 latch lock for Firebox handle

Upgrades can be purchased upon request:
• 3/8 cook chamber and firebox
• Collapsible stack
• Vent on Firebox door
• Extra thermometers
• Griddle top

• Counter Waiths 
• Custom Plaque

• Round Firebox (semi-insulated)

• Round Firebox (fully-insulated)
• Square Firebox (semi-insulated)
• Square Firebox (fully-insulated)
• Shelf in front of cook chamber
• Off-road package (golf cart wheels)
• A custom built trailer

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